East Lothian Honey | Batch 5 Late Summer 2020 | 227g

East Lothian Honey | Batch 5 Late Summer 2020 | 227g

East Lothian Honey | Batch 5 Late Summer 2020 | 227g

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A delicious runny honey, golden in colour with a light floral flavour. 

*Max 2 jars per customer*

Batch 5 was extracted from the hives on the 6th of September and jarred on the 18th of October 2020. 

This summer has had great weather for the bees and I've spotted them out foraging on bramble, phacelia, clover and willowherb. Other sources of nectar nearby over the last couple of months include poppy, raspberry, dandelion and hawthorn.

This is halfway between soft set and runny honey, it has been churned to delay crystallisation but I'm sure it won't last that long as it's delicious!

227g jar

Unsuitable for children under 12 months


Store in a cool dry place. Don't store in the fridge. 


All honey will crystallise eventually. This is completely normal but if you'd like to soften it we recommend sitting the jar in a bowl of hot water for 10 minutes or so. 

Is this honey 'raw'?+

In the UK anyone that sells honey that is labelled Raw Honey isn't abiding by the laws on honey labelling. The Honey (Scotland) Regulations 2015 clearly state how honey can be described and raw isn't on there at all. 

Doon Honey is taken straight from the hives in my garden, spun out of the frames and then passed through two filters to remove any debris before being stored. I never subject the honey to high heat, blend or add anything to the honey. The two filters the honey passes through remove debris but allow the pollen grains that give the honey its lovely flavour and aroma to remain. Honey that is allowed to crystallise before being jarred is gently heated to 30 degrees Celsius to soften it before churning it.